Our Programs
Whether you want to dance for your wedding or other special event or want to start a fulfilling new hobby, the first and most important step to achieve your dancing goal is to come in for a free introductory private lesson.
Complimentary Lesson
When you arrive at the studio, you'll meet your instructor, who will chat with you about your goals for dancing. Your instructor will then work with you privately in one of our ballrooms, introducing you to some basic patterns in dances you want to learn.
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Customized Program
After your lesson, your instructor will recommend a program based on your dance experience, goals, and budget. All programs includes private lessons, group classes, and practice parties.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the foundation of a good dance program. They allow your instructor to focus on your individual needs, goals, and unique learning style. Working with an experienced instructor can help you identify and target what to practice at classes and parties. No matter your budget or goals, we will craft a program that works for you.

Group Classes

Classes give you the chance to learn new patterns and dance with different partners. We offer a wide variety of small group classes every evening for students at every level, and the dances rotate weekly, so be sure to check out our schedule to see when we are teaching your favorite dance!


Practice Parties

Your program includes a free practice party every week to help you apply what you learned in your lessons and classes to real-life dance situations. We also host events such as holiday and social parties complete with themes, refreshments, shows, and more!



For many of our students, our studio is more than just a place to take lessons; it's like a second home. We provide a safe space for you to learn in a supportive atmosphere without judgment. We encourage students to get to know each other by regularly offering social parties throughout the year. Enjoy food and drinks, watch students and teachers perform, win prizes, and maybe even learn a group dance routine!



We are proud to host two showcases a year to give you the chance to learn a fun, creative routine and perform it. And if you prefer not to perform, come support your studio family and enjoy an unforgettable evening of fine dining and social dancing.

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Nick Cutz

Nick walked into Arthur Murray Williston Park in 2012 with his soon-to-be husband to learn a wedding dance. Little did he know that it would change his life forever. He fell in love with dance, continuing to take lessons while studying for the bar exam and working as a legal editor. After learning American styles at Arthur Murray, he worked with independent teachers to learn International Latin and Standard styles and club-style dances like New York Hustle and West Coast Swing. After leaving the legal world behind to start a marketing and web design business, he heard that his former instructor and longtime friend Pavel Bic opened a dance studio, he knew that he wanted to turn his passion for dance into a career.

Nick has a unique teaching style that comes from his research on mindfulness and somatic movement in dance and the transformative impact this approach has had on his own dancing. Through brief meditation exercises and guided imagery, he encourages students to focus on how movement feels in the body in each moment and to allow themselves to learn new dance steps and techniques instinctively. For him, nobody takes dance lessons just to learn dance steps; they come to improve their emotional well-being, whether to build their confidence, feel mentally challenged, emotionally connect with others, or just have some fun. He relishes the opportunity to show every dancer how they can accomplish those goals with their dancing.

Christina Eng

Christina has been dancing since she was just 2 years old. As a child, she focused on a wide range of individual dance styles, including tap, ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, and gymnastics, and she has been competing and performing in the world of ballroom dance for over 15 years, winning numerous awards during that span.

Christina specializes in American-style Rhythm dances, as well as social and club dances like Hustle, Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, and Nightclub Two-Step. Her students are drawn to her unique teaching style, which comes from her breadth of experience in both individual and social dances. She is passionate about performing and crafting choreography for professional shows, weddings, group performances, and solo dances.

Christina is also a certified Aerobics (AFAA/DVIDA) and Zumba instructor.

Pavel Bic

Pavel has been competing as a ballroom dancer from the tender age of six in his native Czech Republic. As a teen, with his partner Silvie Konderlova, he quickly climbed the national rankings, becoming one of his country's top Standard dancers. In 2007, Pavel was recognized as Vice Champion of the Czech Republic. He has also represented his country at several top international events. He has continued to compete locally, nationally, and internationally in the Pro Rising Star Ballroom category. He and former partner Ersi Nie recently placed first at the Connecticut DanceSport Championship and this year placed 97th in the world at ballroom dancing's premier international event, the Blackpool Festival in the UK.

Pavel is not only an accomplished dancer but also an experienced master teacher. His students are drawn to his creativity, his infectious sense of humor, and his dedication to his students as human beings. For him, dance is not just a sport but a powerful force for positive change in people's lives.

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